Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We Would See Jesus

"Sirs we would see Jesus" John 12

The story is told of a woman who was at a crafts fair who came upon the booth of a silversmith. She grew fascinated as she watched the man work on a silver ladle. He put the ladle into the fire. Then he polished it with a rag. Then he would look intently at the bowl of the ladle. Then back into the fire it went. Eventually, the woman spoke to the craftsman.

"Sir, that ladle looks fine to me. Why don't you put it out for sale and start work on another.?"
Photo Jeff Kubina

"No, ma'am," he answered, "This ladle is far from finished. It still has impurities in it. I will know when it is done."

Her curiosity piqued she asked, "But, sir, how will you know when it is finished." "Ma'am, I will know it is finished when I can see my own reflection clearly in the ladle."

Several years ago, Evie Tournquist sang a song which had the line, "Until you find him in the mirror, you've got a long way to go." Not only does Jesus want to see his reflection in our lives, the world is also looking for it.

As our scripture says, "Sirs we would see Jesus." You and I are the only Jesus the world will ever see. He's been polishing us for years. Have we resisted the fire and the polish or have we submitted to the master's hand. The world is searching for Jesus. They are looking for him in us. I want them to find him in me.

I know, mine is still an imperfect reflection, but the silversmith is still polishing. Day by day the reflection is getting clearer and closer to the master's. One day I hope that people will be able to say, "You really look
like your Father"!

Lord, create in me your image and your likeness. Let people see your compassion in my eyes and hear your gentleness in my voice. Amen

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